18-19 September 2018, Kadir Has University Congress Center, Istanbul
Blockchain Comes Back to Town
Tokenization, distributed ledger, smart contracts, cryptoassets, trading, regulations, ICOs, blockchain platforms and use cases
Media Partners
Speakers Lineup

Andriy Zinchuk


Astyanax Kanakakis

CEO @ Norbloc

Bora Çetinoğlu

Board Member @ Boğaziçi Ventures

Bora Erdamar

Founder and Director @ BlockchainIST Center

Bora Gönül

CTO & Co-Founder @ Finartz

Burak Kuzucu

Manager, Emerging Technologies BizDev @ Oracle

Bülent Eğrilmez

Managing Partner @ Delta Consulting

Bülent Tekmen

Co-Founder @ Colendi

Claire Wells

Director, Legal and Business Affairs @ Circle

Çiğdem Ayözger Öngün

Founder @ SRP Legal

Çiğdem İltemir Carino

SVP, Banking Design and Innovation @ Akbank

Dave Remue

Blockchain Lead @ B-Hive

Eamonn Maguire

Global Lead in Blockchain and DLT @ KPMG

Elçin Karatay

Partner @ Solak&Partners

Erdem Üney

CTO @ Further Network

Esat Belhan

Head of Mobile @ Yapı Kredi

Evgeni Mitkov

COO @ Everex Global

Fatih Arslan

Co-Founder @ Xtremcoin

Florin Adrian Oprea

Founder and CEO @ FO DIGI CAP

Franck Guiader

Head of Innovation and Fintech @ GIDE

G.Thomas Esmay

Director of Business Development @ SingularDTV

Gökhan Seçkin

Co-Founder and CEO @ Kimlic

Ian Gauci

Partner @ GTC Advocates

İsmail Hakkı Polat

Lecturer @ Kadir Has University

Ismail Malik

Founder and CEO @ Blockchain Lab

Jason Smythe

Blockchain Engineer @ Consensys

Kristen Stone

Product Manager @ Coinbase

Lisa Nestor

Director of Partnerships @ Stellar

Mehmet Sabır Kiraz

Director of Blockchain Research Labs @ TÜBİTAK BİLGEM UEKAE

Murat Bitirici

VP @ Akbank Innovation Center

Oktay Adalıer


Pavel Kravchenko

Founder @ Distributed Lab

Pınar Emirdağ

Summit Chair, Head of Innovation @ State Street

Raja Sharif

CEO @ FarmaTrust

Sandra Ro

CEO @ Global Blockchain Business Council

Şant Manukyan

Manager, International Capital Mrkts @ IS Invest

Sergey Ivliev

Co-Founder @ Lykke

Serkan Zubari

Director @ Gobaba

Soren Fog

Founder @ iprotus, Co-Founder @ Crypto Valley Assc

Stan Nazarenko, CFA

Co-Founder and CEO @ Piprate

Stuart King

Founder @ Babel Cover and Blockchain Assc of Ireland

Tansel Kaya

Managing Partner @ Mindstone

Ted Lin

Head of International Mrkts @ Binance

Timo Honsel

Product Developer @ Ocean Protocol

Tolga Odoğlu

Managing Director @ MenaPay

Turan Sert

Founding Partner and CEO @ Evrato

Umut Şenol

Founder and CEO @ Bundle

Veronica Torras

Head of Marketing and BizDev @ Jelurida

Day 1 / Visionaries
18 September, Tuesday
Day 2 / Use Cases
19 September, Wednesday
18 September 2018, Tuesday
Mingle with the participants, and enjoy coffee, tea and pastries
The impact of blockchain is immense, argued by some. The implications will be limited, some others content. Despite differing views, distributed technologies have created a wave of change in a multitude of industries. The way business is done, contracts signed, transactions conducted, data stored and many other processes are being reconsidered thanks to blockchain. What is next is a million dollar question.
A while ago, it was “explain it to me”. In recent years, it was “prove it to me”. Now it is time for “do it for me”! The synopsis is that blockchain shifts from a conceptual framework to practice. We now get to see new use cases in a larger number of industries. What are the opportunities in the way forward as well as challenges? The panel will dwell on the past and future adventures of blockchain with a particular highlight on use cases.
Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed technology. But it still requires collaboration and partnership towards services and resources. There is now rapidly increasing number of platforms, associations, accelerators, communities and industry councils.
Blockchain startups and platforms have proven to be businesses with large potential. As the global demand grows exponentially towards blockchain-based services, the number of entrants skyrockets. Though a common cliché, “learning from good practices” is still a valid assumption. The panelists pitch audience on how to create a successful blockchain business from scratch.
Tokenization is an intrinsic element of the Blockchain technology. Thanks to emergence of such technologies and cryptocurrencies, we seem to be moving a step closer towards decentralized token economies. Is tokenized economy an after-life of conventional monetary and securities systems or only an illusion of a complete transformation or something in between? The panel hosts distinguished experts to dwell on digital assets and crypto economies.
Fund raising is always a hot topic that will not get demoded soon as long as there are ventures and entrepreneurs with bright ideas but insufficient resources. As the demand continues, Blockchain has opened up a new venue in fund raising through ICOs and token financing. Coin Schedule reports that more than 400 startups have raised around $10 billion towards coin offerings in the first half of 2018. Opportunities abound, interest skyrockets but challenges are still out there. The session targets an open discussion of the latest with blockchain ventures, ICOs and institutions.
The emergence of crypto assets has led to a pop-up of crypto exchanges in every single market—unless outlawed. The number of traders is in vast numbers; daily turnovers are worth in billions. This has provoked regulators and tax authorities to pay attention to it. It still is an enigma if there will be a global policy towards crypto trading. The question is: how does the future of crypto trading and exchanges look like?
Blockchain and crypto-assets have taken the world by storm. Regulations are being widely debated globally and locally vis-a-vis only a small number of countries have adopted rules by now. Entrepreneurs and investors should keep themselves updated by the new regulations as there are plenty of gray areas to stay away with. The panel digs on the recent status with regulatory approaches globally and locally.
19 September 2018, Wednesday
Blockchain is expected to resonate on industries as well as on society. The potential impact ranges from financial inclusion to supply chain, identity, vulnerable populations, sustainable energy and environment. Our keynote speaker will present how and to what extent blockchain impacts the society.
Convenience and trust in crypto trading come with strings attached. Transparency, low latency, KYC, AML are a few of what is mandatory as to confidence. Customer experience is equally substantial to ensuring a viable client base.
Blockchain Fest facilitates a BTC airdrop (not a lottery) thanks to the sponsoring XtremCoin that will distribute 0,5 BTC to winners in equal amounts. Up to 40 winners from among participants, who are selected by their account number (for instance, every tenth account opener with XtremCoin) on a fully transparent and accountable fashion, shall be announced during the session.
Blockchain in the old city by the Golden Horn
Kadir Has University Congress Center
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